Optimont completes electronic product assemblies from its customer plans and specifications, confidentially
Its qualified personnel, specialized in electronic assembly process, its automated equipement, its quality control, ensure full conformance to requirements, delivering complete assemblies on time, for a predefined price.
Production delegation to Optimont can start as early as
  • raw materials procurement, and
  • custom parts fabrication
    • printed circuit board,
    • molding,
    • thermoforming,
    • machining of enclosures or mechanical parts,
    • connector crimping and cable harnessing,
    • user manual printing,
move on with printed circuit board assembly comprising
  • surface mounted component placement,
  • trough hole components insertion,
  • reflow, wave and tip soldering,
  • aqueous cleaning,
  • firmware loading,
  • functional testing,
  • conformal coating, encapsulation and potting,
And potentially include
  • complete system integration,
  • electromechanical assembly in enclosures,
  • up to packaging for the end user market.   

We only take charge of the steps required by the customer project.

Usual production lead time for prototypes is 3 working days after receiving all required parts, whether they be customer supplied or procured by our services.  It is 10 working days for standard production.  Other arrangements are available on request.

Production quotations are generally completed within 16 working hours after receiving assembly specifications, 10 working days for procurement requirements.