Genuine and generalized commitment to total and continual customer satisfaction.
Documented quality assurance program based on ISO-9001-2015.
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection of products and components at all workstations and in all equipements.  Antistatic dissipative grounded floor throughout production.
Quality plan including systematic first off inspection at all assembly process steps, automated vision on 100% of reflow soldered components, 100% X ray inspection of  BGA, LGA, QFN, CSP packages.
By default workmanship standard defined by IPC-A-610E class 2 (Industrial).  Class 3 (Hi-reliability) available on request.
Full time SMTA (Surface Mount Technology Association) qualified surface mount process engineer on duty.
Certificate of Conformance available to RoHS directive or to customer defined specifications (electrical testing of raw printed circuit boards, functional testing of sub-assemblies or complete system, etc.)

Considering the tens of millions defect opportunities encountered during a year, sometimes 'stuff' happens.  That is when we distinguish ourselves, promply investigating root causes and implementing effective corrective actions, in a context of healthy collaboration with the customer, focused on meeting his production objectives.